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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

CAI report

1) a)The Government will try to facilitate the development of retirement housing, by varying the prices of land to cater to seniors who desire very good lifestyles.

b)The government will introduce a guideline for the provision of accessibility and safety features in the homes for seniors.

c) MCYS and HDB will work with VWOs and grassroots organizations to help provide support services within the community, and provide opportunities for seniors to lead an active lifestyle.

d) Town Councils should make all HDB barrier-free as part of their estate improvement works, in a coordinated effort to make Singapore an Accessible City for all.

2) The government will try to make Singapore a barrier free city.

3) a) HDB will work with market players to offer reverse mortgage schemes for elderly HDB flat lessees at commercial terms.

b) HDB will try to provide more rental housing options for seniors, by exploring the lease of its vacant flats to voluntary welfare organisations.

3) a) I think I can help by proposing to HDB that elderly friendly housing be built.
    b) I can help by getting more people to help the elderly more.
    c) I can help by helping the elderly to get more homes by convincing market players to sell them homes at cheap prices

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